The Best Woodworking Tape Measure Picks in 2022


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Whether it’s for simple DIY projects at home or more intricate, professional woodworking projects, the fact remains that you need to be able to take precise measurements. While there are different types of tape measures, only the best woodworking tape measure can give you the accuracy and precision you need to make your project a success.

More than this, the right tape measures for woodworking should also possess several additional features that’ll enhance their functionality and convenience of use. These advanced features are what ensures that taking accurate readings while you work doesn’t become a chore.

Where do you find the best measure for woodworking that meet these basic criteria and passes any tape measure test?

That’s where we come in!

At Measure Expert, we under just how important woodworking tools for measurement are to beginner and professional woodworkers.

So, not only do we explore the little-known details of how to read a tape measure like a pro, we’ve also extensively and exhaustively researched different types of tape measures so you don’t have to. Here are our top picks for the best woodworking tape measure for 2022!

1. Komelon SL2825 Self Lock 25-Foot Power Tape

Mainly based in Korea, Komelon has been producing high-quality tape measures for over 50 years. However, among the long list of tape measure products they boast today, the Komelon SL2825 stands out as a true masterpiece.

The Komelon SL2825 is a compact tape measure that delivers on every level. For starters, it comes in a green case with an ergonomic design that is both beautiful and functional.

Not only is the rubber casing case eye-catching but it also allows its nylon-coated blade easy traction coming in and out of it. This, in turn, enhances the overall functionality of the push button. All of this gives it an excellent and smooth blade extension capability.

What’s more, the nylon coating of the blade combined with the top-grade rubberized material of the casing makes this tape measure one of the most durable woodworking tools you could own today.

We consider this a must-have tool for professional woodworkers who don’t like to change their equipment often as it’s certain to serve you long and well.

It’s also the ideal tape measure for homeowners who enjoy carrying out DIY projects solo. This is because its one-touch button helps you measure corner areas efficiently without any assistance.

However, what makes this the best woodworking tape measure you could buy is that even though it’s remarkably affordable, the numbers are boldly and legibly printed on it. This makes it ideal for use, even in low-light conditions.


  • Rubber casing is impact-resistant
  • Blade length is long enough to serve any woodworking project
  • Numbers are clearly and boldly printed on the blade
  • Superior blade extension
  • Sides feature solid rubber overmold
  • Fully functional self-locking mechanism
  • More affordable than most regular tapes
  • Blade features nylon bond protection, increasing its durability


  • Spring mechanism may halt sometimes
  • Can be hard to pull out sometimes
  • Professional woodworkers may not like how its self-locking feature

2. CRAFTSMAN 25-Foot Tape Measure

An ideal option for woodworkers who don’t want to shell out too much cash for a reliable tape measure, this tool gives you accurate and quick readings at all times.

It has a comfortable grip further complemented with a rubber overmold that helps you wield the tape measure more easily. This tape measure for woodworkers makes measurements even more enjoyable, thanks to the fact that it comes with a host of advanced features.

For one, its ergonomic design makes it perfect for easy one-handed use. It also boasts an especially smooth and pleasant retraction system. This promotes the durability of the tape measure as it ensures that the hook never slams against the case.

This type of tape measure is also very convenient to use as it comes with very bold markings on the blade that enhances readability in different light conditions.

The portable design of its metal frame can’t be overlooked either as it gives off a simple yet refined shine. It’s a great tool of choice for craftsmen who like their retractable tape measure with a little class.

As these measurement tools are also highly budget-friendly, there’s little not to like about them.


  • Beautiful metal case
  • Highly durable tape measure
  • Rubber overmold increases its grip
  • Product dimensions make it perfect for one-handed use
  • Has a strong retraction mechanism
  • Affordable


  • Spring could be better made
  • Lock button may malfunction after extended use

3. Klein Tools 9225 25-Foot Tape Measure

We consider this the perfect tool for professional handymen who don’t want to take the risk of getting an inaccurate measurement during important woodworking projects.

Double-sided, fully magnetic and metal-reinforced for durability, it’s just as durable as most other heavy equipment for woodworking.

This perfect tape measure for professional woodworkers also comes with several attractive features, not least of which is that it can be read from either side, it comes with an ergonomic belt clip, and also a speed break.

While this tape measure may cost more than our previous entries combined, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s more than worth its weight in gold. This is because the carpentry tool features a fine nylon coating and a heavy-duty tape that ensures you’ll be able to use this essential tool for a very long time.

Apart from being a truly rugged tape measure with a sufficient blade length, the Klein Tools 9225 is an incredibly versatile and high-quality product that improves how you work.

This retractable tape measure gives you the comfort, precision, and speed you need to fully showcase the extent of your craftsmanship on woodworking projects.


  • Double-sided retractable tape measure
  • Metric markings are very bold and can be read on both sides of the blade, increasing the ease of use of this essential tool
  • Durable and high-quality tape measure
  • Comes with an ergonomic belt clip for easy mobility
  • Comes with a speed break that helps you control its strong retraction mechanism
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • The product has quality control problems
  • The marking increments may start to shift after protracted use

4. Stanley Tools FatMax Tape Measure

For people who enjoy woodworking and are looking for a perfect tool to support that hobby, the Stanley FatMax leaves you lacking nothing.

With a sufficiently long blade length and a protective coating of durable Mylar polyester film, this is without a doubt one of the best tape measure picks you could go for.

Not only is this durable tape measure strong enough to easily survive a bang or fall, but it also comes with comfortable rubber grips that minimizes tape slip-offs. To further complement these advanced features, you also get a heat-treated spring mechanism that guarantees longer use and a truly pleasant blade recoil.

Other essential features that enhance the durability of this perfect tool even further include the BladeArmor coating on the first 3 feet of the blade markings and a strong locking feature.

The metric markings on the coated blade are also designed to be easy to read, even in poor lighting.

All in all, this tape measure provides you all the essential features you need to become a better handyman.


  • Coated blade of the tape measure is designed to increase the durability of the blade
  • Offers numerous additional features like post center markings and heated alloy steel spring hinges
  • Optimized for taking quick readings
  • Has a strong, non-slip cushion grip for easier handling
  • Boasts industrial thermoplastic coating on the blade
  • Has a strong retraction mechanism.


  • Exclusive lock button can be difficult to use
  • Some professional handymen shy away from it because of its curved tape
  • Heat-treated spring tends to weak after extended use

5. Beyond by Black + Decker Tape Measure

As far as accurate tape measure for woodworkers go, this amazing tool takes the cake on a lot of levels.

With a self-locking feature that puts many of its counterparts in the same price range to shame as well as a strong and durable casing, this is a great option for woodworkers who want to get the best value for their money.

Also, as this measurement tape is the perfect size for one-handed use, you’ll be able to achieve the level of dexterity needed to finish larger projects faster.

What we love the most about this reliable tape measure is that it has a protective coating of nylon that makes it fully resistant to wear and tear. So, if you’re looking for a carpentry tool that’ll be with you for the long haul, you’ve got a great candidate right here.


  • Nylon coating and durable blade length
  • Allows easy, one-handed use
  • Gives accurate measurement
  • Reasonably priced
  • Ergonomic self-locking feature and a powerful no-slip grip


  • Doesn’t have centimeter metric systems
  • Doesn’t have a manual lock fallback and this renders it almost unusable should its auto-locking feature get damaged
  • May be a bit heavier than most professional handymen are used to

What’s a Tape Measure?

Simply put, this is a flexible metal or tape marked with fractional graduations that’s used for measuring. The type of tape measure you use goes a long way in determining the accuracy and convenience of your readings.

What Makes the Best Woodworking Tape Measure?

A good tape measure is a must-have tool for the successful completion of any woodworking project. To find the best woodworking tape measure, some criteria you need to consider are:

The Blade Length

You can opt for a tape measure with a longer or shorter blade length. The former is great because it increases the scope of what you can measure. The latter is great because it gives you a lighter and more compressed tool to work with.

Ultimately, it’s best to consider the nature of the woodworking projects you’ll be embarking on when making a choice here.

The Clarity of the Metric Markings

Tape measures come with different marking designs.

Ensure you opt for one that not only has exact numbers but also has protective coating that ensures that the print doesn’t blur over time. We recommend you get tape measures with big and bold numbers.

Accurate Locking Capabilities

These carpentry tools typically come with some type of locking system. A locking feature not only makes taking readings easier but it also prevents the sharp edge of the blade from hurting your fingers.

Unlike the traditional measuring tape, a modern measurement tape boasts an auto-locking feature that keeps the tape out. This might be something worth considering when picking your tape measure.

Durability and Strength of Build

The stronger the build of a tape measure, the longer it’s likely to last.

When determining the durability of this measuring tool, something you should consider is the material the case and blade are made of.

For instance, cases made of top-grade rubberized material tends to last longer than products without.

Accuracy of Measurement

Inaccurate measurement is the bane of any woodworking project. So, the more reliable your measuring tape is, the better off you are.

While digital tape measures are considered the best in this area, analog tapes, like the ones on our list are quite reliable too.

Two factors that determine how accurate a tape measure is are the tape measure tangs and the blade stretch. So, ensure that the tang has a good thickness and travel length while the blade is sufficiently stretchable and you’ll be fine.


1. Which is Better Between a Ruler vs Tape Measure?

This depends on the length of what you’re measuring, Rulers are better for measuring smaller objects while a tape measure gives you a faster and more accurate reading when measuring larger objects.

2. What Type of Tape Measure do Professional Woodworkers Prefer?

Professional contractors often favor open reel tapes. Reel tapes are usually made out of covered fiberglass. They’re used in tandem with a hand wrench to facilitate easy withdrawal.

3. What’s the Best Tape Measure Length to Get?

This depends on the nature of the project you plan to execute. If you plan on doing indoor DIY projects, then a 16-feet length is good enough. However, for more large-scale, professional woodworking projects, it’s essential to get a longer one.


Finding the best woodworking tape measure requires that you know exactly what you want from this carpentry tool. Ultimately, while advanced features are important, what matters is that you get a measure that’s accurate.

If you aren’t able to find your preferred tape measure on this list, contact us today and we’ll guide you to your perfect match!

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