General Tools TS01 Laser Measure Review
General Tools TS01 Laser Measure Review


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The tape measure has been the world’s go-to measuring tool for ages, and there’s no doubt that it served greatly in a time of need. However, the world is moving towards a need for greater convenience, and that is just what brand General Tools aims to offer.

The innovative brand has integrated highly advanced features to create a new take on the traditional tape measure, and have released it as part of their SmartTools lineup.

General Tools TS01 ToolSmart Laser Measure


The recent addition to the range, General Tools ToolSmart TS01 Laser Measure, is a favorite among construction workers, surveyors, and carpenters everywhere because of its accuracy and other beneficial aspects.

Product Features

  • Product Weight: 5 ounce(s)
  • Item Dimensions: 1.3 x 2 x 4.5 in
  • Batteries Required: AAA(2)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • The range of 100 feet
  • Power output: 1mW
  • Laser accuracy: 1/16th of an inch
  • Displays readings in feet, inches, and meters
  • Continuous measurement mode
  • Allows addition and subtraction
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Backlit LCD

Package Includes

  • Laser Measure x1
  • Pouch Carrier with a belt loop x1
  • Small size screwdriver (flat head) x1
  • User Manual
  • AAA Battery x2

Product Benefits

The General Tools ToolSmart TS01 Laser Measure is more than an ordinary measuring device. Featuring advanced technology, it’s the latest innovation in the tool industry. To start with, it has a much higher range than traditional tape measures.

This laser measure can accurately measure dimensions of up to 100 feet. With fewer chances of error, this laser measure will produce accurate readings within 1/16 of an inch.

At 5 ounces, the General Tools ToolSmart TS01 Laser Measure is lightweight and gives users the convenience of portability within even the smallest of kits. Also, the compact dimensions result in an ergonomic design that doesn’t strain the user’s arm.

Smaller dimensions also mean more straightforward measurements in tight spaces that don’t have room for a tape measure. All kinds of workers professionals can take accurate measurements, whether long or short, with this laser measure.

Advanced features that are part of the package include Bluetooth connectivity which helps the laser measure transfer readings and previous measurements to a smartphone device.

Upon receiving your ToolSmart product, you can connect it to a free app on your smartphone.

Once the app holds the measurements of your current project, you can use these details and plan out the remaining processes efficiently. The app also has its functions that can give you specifications as to how much equipment and material you need.

General Tools TS01 ToolSmart Laser Measure


The General Tools ToolSmart TS01 Laser Measure is highly versatile and caters to the needs of users around the world. Whether you live in a region that follows the Imperial or Metric system of units, this laser measure can give readings in both formats. This way, you can take measurements in feet, inches, and meters as well.

This laser measure has an automatic adjustment feature that helps the device adapt to the setting and prepare for taking measurements. With a continuous measurement mode, users can measure around corners as well.

Moreover, if you prefer customized measurements, you can add or subtract using the device’s features. With a highly powerful battery capacity, this laser measure makes use of 2 AAA batteries that can last a good many hours on the field.

The device features a QR code on the back that can be scanned, giving users a head start with the help of instructions and tips that can result in accurate measurements. The backlit LCD also gives the General Tools ToolSmart TS01 Laser Measure an edge over its tape measure counterpart.

That’s because a brighter display gives readers the convenience of better readability.


  • Lightweight and compact design for portability
  • 100 feet range is higher than a tape measure
  • High accuracy within 1/16 of an inch
  • High battery capacity, batteries included
  • You can scan the QR code for tips
  • Addition and subtraction feature
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows transfer of data to a smartphone
  • ToolSmart app offers advanced features for project completion
  • Versatile device; displays readings in feet, inches, and meters
  • Backlit LCD offers for enhanced readability


  • Expensive

What Other Say

Buyers of the General Tools ToolSmart TS01 Laser Measure are immensely impressed with its performance and advanced features. The customer base for this model is relatively diverse, featuring people from some different professions. All of them, whether they were completing a large-scale task or a small home upgrade, preferred the device’s higher range.

Users reviewed the product and gave it positive feedback about advanced features such as a backlit LCD. The highlight of this product, however, is the Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to transfer data to their handheld device.

Buying Advice

The SmartTools lineup by General Tools has some inexpensive measurement solutions and advanced ones as well.

The TS01, undoubtedly, is on the advanced part of the spectrum, explaining the higher price. Despite the higher price, users have commented that it is worth the results, considering that this device has a higher range, rate of accuracy and Bluetooth connectivity as well.

General Tools TS01 ToolSmart Laser Measure


Rest assured that this device will provide you with enormous benefits that you can’t ignore, while its durability offers a promise of longevity. Interested buyers can purchase the General Tools ToolSmart TS01 Laser Measure from Amazon at the price of under $60. What’s more is that upon buying this product, you can avail the exclusive benefit of free shipping as well.

Tips For Using A Laser Tape Measure

Laser tape measures are handy tools that give even more accurate readings than the standard tape measure. Let’s go over a few tips to help you make the best of your laser tape measure.

Clean It

It’s important to keep your laser tape measure clean to ensure precise measurements. You must handle your unit with care when using or cleaning it.

Investing in an excellent lens cleaner is beneficial for keeping your laser clean. A well-kept tape measure will continue to give you accurate measurements for a long time.

We recommend storing your laser tape measure separately when you’re not using it. This way, you’ll be protecting the lens against scratches that could’ve been caused by the other tools in your kit.

Practice Using A Target

After years of using a conventional one, working with a laser tape measure may be challenging. Once you get past the learning curve, you’ll find yourself always receiving an exact measurement.

The device won’t need a target when measuring distances of less than 100 feet. However, a reflective target should be used when practicing with distances more than 100 feet. You’ll see that the outcomes are far more accurate in this case.

Longer Distance Measurement

When you’re measuring anything in direct sunlight, you’ll notice that the laser dot is difficult to see. This can be problematic since you won’t know whether you’re measuring the correct distance or pointing at the right thing. It’s essential to have a magnified viewfinder on hand during these situations.

The good news is that this feature is available on some laser tape measure devices already. Other models include an external viewfinder, which is excellent because it gives you even more magnification. So there’s no real need to be concerned about the sun being causing you to have an inaccurate reading.

Who Needs A Laser Measure?

A wide range of industries will and do benefit from laser measurement tools. Here are some examples:

Engineering: Engineers and construction workers frequently use laser distance measurers to gather project measurements that are then used for 3D modeling and planning.

Design: Laser distance measurers are commonly used by designers in various industries to evaluate project space requirements.

Mapmaking: Mapmakers frequently use laser measurement instruments to build precise maps of undersea and above-ground locations.

Military: Military operations benefit from laser distance measuring tools in surveying, base planning, engineering, and even targeting and surveillance.

Athletics: Athletes use laser measurements to calculate the distance to a specific target. As far as sports is concerned, laser measuring tools are also commonly used in archery, hunting, and golf.

Are They Worth It?

Laser distance measuring devices help measure both short and long distances. They are quick and precise and well worth the investment if you’re a full-time builder or a frequent DIYer.

A laser distance measuring tool in your toolbox or workshop makes many home improvement projects easier and quicker. Unlike a metal tape measure, which can slip or droop if not firmly held at both ends, a laser measurer can deliver an accurate measurement across great distances.

Final Verdict

All in all, the General Tools ToolSmart TS01 Laser Measure is a highly reliable measurement tool that can provide its users with a plethora of benefits that make projects easier to complete. Hence, whether you’re a carpenter, contractor or just a regular handyman that likes to complete home renovation projects, you’ll find this laser measure extremely useful.

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