How to measure for eyelet curtains: (READ this first)
How to Measure for Eyelet Curtains


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Ok, so you have decided to update your lifestyle with the latest curtains and wondering how to measure for eyelet curtains also known as grommet curtains. However, you realize that there is more to it than measuring the height and width of the opening.

Having the wrong measurements could result in the curtains being too short or too long or too wide or not wide enough.

As a rule of thumb, you should measure the width of your opening and add 15(40cm) for the overall width of the curtain. You should then measure the height of the same opening and add 15″ (40cm) for the overall height of the curtain, which will give you a uniformed overlap all round.

I made a quick video to run you through it – How to Measure for Eyelet Curtains

How to measure for eyelet curtains

It is really important to know that there is not just one way of measuring eyelet curtains. It is not one size fits all.

First things first! You need to know what your opening dimensions are before making, ordering, or going out to purchase your eyelet curtains. You need to use these opening measurements to ensure you make, order, or purchase a size of curtain that will fit the specific design preference you choose.

You could use many tools to take these measurements, but many curtain fitters typically use a tape measure.

Measure the inside dimensions from side to side and then write this down and then measure the vertical inside from the top plate (the top of the opening from the inside) to the window sill (bottom of the opening – your sill plate) and write this down.

If you do not have a tape measure and need some help deciding on what tape measure to use to measure your eyelet curtain project, then go read this article right here and come right back to read on. (Don't worry, it should open up in a new tab so you wont lose your place)

Now that you know what to measure and what measuring tape you will use, let’s move on to some basics.

What is an eyelet curtain?

Eyelet curtains are also known as Ring top curtains which have metal rings at the top of the curtain instead of the regular small slits. Their material holds large pleats that stretch across the window length.

Once hanging in place, the eyelet curtain typically looks like it has a wavey style to it. This unique design compliments pretty much any window it covers.

The nice thing about eyelet curtains is that they can match well with other curtains. This means you do not need to cover all your windows with these types of curtains.

Have a look at some designer manuals here regarding the use of different curtain ideas. (Curtain World)

How to measure Eyelet Curtains
How to measure Eyelet Curtains

Do eyelet curtains need hooks?

No! That’s why people love this style of curtain. Eyelet curtains have grommets, which is where the curtain rod is inserted. These grommets are the metal rings that provide strength to the opening the rods pass through, eliminating the need for hooks.

Have a look at a graph that you can find at Quick Fit Blinds and Curtains which shows the panel sizes to order for ready-to-hang eyelet curtains.

Here is a table for average double and single-hung window sizes and dimensions you can order with the 15″(40cm) overlap.

Window Size in Feet and Inches (width x height)Curtain Size in Feet and Inches (width x height)Window Size in cm (width x height)Curtain Size in cm (width x height)
2′ x 3′3’3″ x 4’3″60cm x 92cm100cm x 132cm
2′ x 4’4″3’3″ x 5’7″60cm x 132cm100cm x 172cm
2’8″ x 4′3’11” x 5’3″78cm x 122cm118cm x 162cm
2’8″ x 5’2″3’11” x 6’5″78cm x 158cm118cm x 198cm
4′ x 6′5’3″ x 7’3″122cm x 183cm162cm x 223cm

If you are looking for quick numbers on sliding windows, here is a table on the average sizes and their 15″(40cm) overhang.

Window Size in Feet and Inches (width x height)Curtain Size in Feet and Inches (width x height)Window Size in cm (width x height)Curtain Size in cm (width x height)
3′ x 2′4’3″ x 3’3″92cm x 61cm132cm x 132cm
3′ x 3′4’3″ x 4’3″92cm x 92cm100cm x 172cm
5′ x 3′6’3″ x 4’3″153cm x 92cm118cm x 162cm
6′ x 4′7’3″ x 5’3″183cm x 122cm118cm x 198cm
7′ x 4′8’3″ x 5’3″214cm x 122cm162cm x 223cm
Note: These dimensions with a 15" (40cm) overlap will have fairly flat folds.


Window Width (Inches)Curtain Size (Inches)Window Width (cm)Curtain Size (cm)Number of Panels
38″ to 56″48″100cm to 140cm120cm(X 2 panels)
38″ to 72″55″100cm to 180cm140cm(X 2 panels)
46″ to 72″65″120cm to 180cm165cm(X 2 panels)
62″ to 86″70″160cm to 220cm180cm(X 2 panels)
82″ to 112″94″210cm to 280cm240cm(X 2 panels)
112″ to 160″118″280cm to 400cm300cm(X 2 panels)
Note: These measurements will provide more folds than the 15"(40cm) overlap method due to having a lot more extra material to cover the space.

Why are eyelet curtains so popular?

This style of curtain is gaining popularity because they hold a decent purchase price, are very easy to set up and take apart, as well as make a room look beautiful.

They are easily fabricated to your specific design. You could have one panel (or sheet/curtain panel) cover the entire window or you could have two or three or more depending on the width or style you are looking for.

You could choose how far down you want your curtain drop. Depending on the room size, the style you choose and the amount of curtains you use, your finished drop will add the final touch making the room exactly the wat you want it.

You can also have hold-back features where you tie the curtains up or hang them to provide an even more elegant design.

The curtain rod can come in many designs to add to the overall look.

How many eyelets per curtain?

This is a preference and design concept. But, to calculate how many eyelets per curtain you will need, measure the width of the curtain and divide the width by the spacing between each eyelet you would like.

The eyelets or curtain rings are commonly knowns as grommets.

Example: If you want your grommets at 8 inches on a 12-foot curtain rod, you’ll divide 144 (12″ in 1foot) by 8 to get 18, which means you’ll need about 18 grommets in total. (20cm on a 3.6m rod = 360(100cm in 1m)/20= 18)

NOTE: Make sure to order a few more for the unexpected.

Are eyelet curtains cheaper?

Generally, these curtains are cheaper because the curtain fabric used to create them is far less. However, this can be to your desire. There are certain types of material out there that can cost a boat load of money per specific length.

Then the type of rods you choose could also be of a wide range of value. And to finish it off, the final style of stitching and the eyelets themselves.

But in short, yes. You can furnish your windows fairly cheaply with eyelet curtains.

What width should eyelet curtains be?

The curtains should definitely be measured to fit across the entire width of the window. This will vary on the overall design and finishing you are looking for.

As a rule of thumb, your curtains will be great with an overlap of 7inches (20cm) passed the edge of the window frame. This not only allows for a grand finish but filters out the amount of light that will be coming into the room.

What size eyelet curtains do I need?

How to Measure for Eyelet Curtains
Ready made Eyelet Curtains

There is no one-size-fits-all to curtain measurements. This is entirely up to you and the finishes you want. Your decision can be based on the following:

  • How many folds you would like in your design
  • How many eyelets you would like
  • What spacing between your eyelets would you like
  • How many panels will you use to cover the window
  • What is the overlap distance you would like
  • Will it be single-layered or double layered curtain
  • What floor length curtains will suit the location

There may be more you can think of, so be sure to write them down as you plan to measure out your eyelet curtains before buying curtains. But these are the ones to keep in mind moving forward.

You do not need to worry about being a couple of inches over, but you want to ensure you are not a couple of inches under your desired lengths for width and height.

What size eyelets do I need?

The nice thing about these eyelets curtains is how custom they can be. From layering the curtains to the width and height is completely your choice.

But having the exact measurements of the opening will help provide a more accurate measurement you will need for your curtain sizes.

On top of that, there are many different sizes for your eyelets. These eyelets not only come in many different sizes but different materials and styles with patterns on them.

These curtains are customizable. The main thing to know is that your eyelets need to be slightly bigger than the pole that will be going through them.

Here is a great site that has a table for sizing of grommets Trican.

However, the average opening of a curtain eyelet is 40mm (1.5inches). So, as long as your pole is smaller than this then there will be no problem.

Also, some metal poles allow for easier sliding of the curtains than the wooden poles.


Do I need a curtain track for the eyelet curtains?

Curtain tracks could add extra benefit by having a glare curtain still in place while your eyelet curtains are open to minimize the glare from the sun or light outside.

Do eyelet curtains need to be double width?

No. This is your preference for your style. Have a look at this website which gives you a good demonstration of the fullness of the curtains. Direct Fabrics

Do I need blackout lining curtains?

If you need absolute darkness at night or during the day to sleep, then adding the blackout lining curtains will add to your comfort. You can find some amazingly beautiful blackout curtains right here.

How do you measure curtain width for eyelet curtains?

You measure the opening of the window and then add 15″(40cm) which is the rule of thumb. This also depends on the fullness you want your curtain to have.

how much space for curtains do I need?

The space for curtains really is how you want your finishes to be. but in general, you want your eyelet curtain edge to overhang the window to prevent light from coming in when closed.

How much fullness do you need for eyelet curtains?

This depends on the grand finishings you prefer. Read this article to help make your decision. Terry Fabrics

How to hang eyelet curtains?

Once you have your pole supports in place, rest one end on the support and then start sliding your eyelets over the pole with the first one pointed to the back for a nicer finish. Watch this video for a visual.

You might not need it, but having assistance with curtains will greatly lighten the load.

Another quick video on how to hang eyelet curtains

How to improve your eyelet curtain area?

From as simple as a fresh coat of paint to using some window treatments to make the glass squeaky clean, there are endless ideas to brighten up the area.

You could try adding ornaments in the area of the window to add to the attraction.

Many people get advice from interior designers to assist with their overall layout including which decorative curtain heading they should go with.

Similar curtains using a rod

There are definitely other style curtains you could use when going with a curtain rod. These grommets curtains are not the only kind to hang on a curtain pole.

Pencil pleat curtains that look like a row of pencils with a finer fit that hangs with the grommets exposed on the curtain pole. You can find these pencil pleat curtains ready-made curtains or you could order them to fit.

Pinch pleat curtains are similar to pencil pleats but with a different header. The header would be the top of the curtain and this is what distinguishes the finishes and gives the name to the style of the curtains.

Final notes

Before you move on to measuring your eyelet curtains, you will need your tape measure and note pad, and pencil to write the measurements down.

  • Start with the width and then the height. Remember to take into consideration the overlap of the curtain you want as well as the eyelets taking up 1.5inches(4cm) on top. be sure to keep in mind your ceiling height too.
  • Your measurements of the opening are from side to side and window sill to top plate.
  • Be sure to double-check your measurements as it is a great thing to keep in your mind that you should measure twice and cut once rather than measure once and waste your material.
  • Makes sure to mark out your screw holes and for your pole holders and use the appropriate tools to drill holes.
  • Once the holes are drilled, place the holders over the screw holes and fasten as directed by the instruction you receive with your curtains. 
  • You now have the correct position for your rod holders and can move on to sliding your curtains over the pole and hanging the pole in place.
We wish you the best in doing your measurements and make sure to enjoy it as it will help the process.

Feel free to read some of our other articles to guide you with measuring items and choosing the right tools to do so.

Bye for now.


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