Kutir 56-7525 Tape Measure Review
Kutir 56-7525 Tape Measure Review


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A measuring tape is a simple tool whereas sometimes it becomes indispensable – especially when you are handling a home-improvement project. Even if you are hanging a portrait or measuring your living area to make sure your new carpet covers the floor completely, you need to know the accurate statistics.

That is to say; measuring tape though seems small but is an essential object to keep in the toolbox.

Measuring tapes come in various lengths and sizes with few extra useful features.If your work requires you to take measurements on large –scale in a different project and you are not sure what kind of measuring tape would suit you best, Kutir Measuring Tape can be a right choice for you.

Kutir Measuring Tape

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The tool entails some excellent features and is equipped with a massive magnetic hook to perform your entire heavy duty measuring task.

Buyers who look for sturdy design and durability, Kutir Measuring Tapes are the right tool to buy as it makes their hectic, long or small construction projects completely hassle-free.

The product has an aim to provide a reliable tool that can give an accurate imperial metric and measurements for your heavy-duty tasks.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty tape
  • Durable construction with shock resistance case
  • Has strong magnetic hook to get attached to numerous surfaces
  • Comes with smooth retraction mechanism to operate easily
  • 7 feet stand out to obtain an easy measurement
  • Includes easy-to-read bold metrics and numbers
  • 25-foot side dual ruler
  • Solid rubber case
  • Weighs 14.1 ounces
  • Has 3.1 x 1.8 x 3.1 inches product dimension

Product Benefits

Measuring tap by Kutir has become one of the most preferred choices among experienced handymen, builders, and carpenters for different reasons. The tool has some unique features in which its magnetic end is the most powerful quality that makes obtaining accurate measurements easy.

The magnet is attached to chrome plate of the tape that prevents it from rusting. Professionals prefer buying this tape to not only obtain accurate measurements, but its stainless steel blade is long lasting and saves money.

The robust magnetic hook is handy – especially if you are working with metal.It can be attached or stuck to any holding object or metal to take the measurements.

No longer do you need to worry about having something to attach the tapes while taking measurements.

With magnetic hook of Kutir tap measure, you can attach it easily to any steel ceiling channels and steel HVAC ductwork. You can also keep a magnetic pick-up tool for the things that may seem out of reach.This specific feature sets this product apart from other traditional tapes that always require things like a steel beam hook or nail to get firm supportwith.

Moreover, the different measuring tape can stand out 7 feet with its sturdy metal blade. It has a 25-foot scale to make measuring convenient making it a great tool for long measurements. From interior designers, everyday homeowners to professional carpenters, architects, and handyman, the thick, durable and robust tape have become a must-to-have tool.

Kutir Measuring Tape

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Not only this, the shock absorbent casing of this retractable tape adds up to its feature of durability.

The outer casing is a top quality rubberized material that makes it safe if it accidentally drops somewhere. Plus, the product has a certified clearance from the quality assurance labs of the company.

If you often have to a measure dim lighting or it is your lousy eyesight that creates trouble for you, measuring tape by Kutir comes with high-contrast numbers and measurement indicators. It has an easy-to-read bold number to help you obtain accurate measurements.The tape has both metric and inch ruler that performs almost all type of works to help builders, carpenter, and hobbyists.

The comfortable, durable straps and best lock mechanism are some other features that this exceptional measuring tape has.

The strap has last longer rubber that easily conforms the shape of the wrist, and you can also carry it to various places like this. The ergonomic design has the best lock that holds the scale firmly when you are working.

Thus, tap measure by Kutir has turned out to the best companion – helping you accurately measure a variety of components associated with construction and building.


  • Strong magnetic hook
  • Ensures accurate measurement
  • Shock resistance case
  • Sturdy and long-lasting design


  • The tape measure is heavy

What Others Say

Measuring tap by Kutir has undeniably beaten the market with its extraordinary features.The product has become popular among buyers for its sturdy and retractable metal blade. Buyers who are more into construction works are ecstatic to how useful this tape measure is. It’s easy-to-carry.With its 25 foot thick and durable scale, buyers do not need to worry about the accuracy of measurements.

Moreover, the magnetic hook of the tape has made buyers’ life hassle-free as it enables the taking measurements alone without needing someone to hold the tap at the other end.

What We Like

A standout feature of the Kutir 56-7525 is that it contains markings for both metric and imperial measurements on its tape. It has an ABS case for durability, which will protect it in the event of an accident such as a fall.

It also boasts a stainless matte tape that protects it even in extreme weather. This tape measure remains useful and rust-resistant even in high-moisture environments.

In addition, this tool can remain rigid for up to seven feet without any support. This will prove extremely handy in situations when you’re working alone and don’t have someone to hold the other end of the tape.

The measuring tape’s design does lack, however. Even though the strip is yellow and has bold markings, it isn’t the easiest to read, since it uses both metric and imperial measurements.

Buying Advice

Though the product is a bit steep, its countless benefits and uses make it a reasonable price for its value.

Buyers consider it a reasonable choice due to its design’s durability that saves a lot of their money from buying a new tape now and then.

Kutir Measuring Tape

source: guatemaladigital.com

If you are interested in buying the product, Amazon offers some great deals to avail up to 20% discount.Upon purchasing five tape measures, you will get 10% discount. The product is available under $15.

Tips For Using The Kutir Tape Measure

When you have a useful tool like the Kutir tape measure, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of it. Here are a few tips on how to use your Kutir tape measure:

Marking Your Measurements

When marking your measurements, use a V or an X instead of a line. This allows for better visibility and accuracy. The point where two lines meet in the V or the X is the exact measurement. Other markers, such as the top, middle, or bottom of a line, can confuse where that main point should be.

Exact Measurement With Hooks

Most tape measures don’t have a clear plastic end hook, but some more modern ones do. If the hook hinders you from getting an exact measurement, roll the blade over slightly so that the markings touch the object, then move up the blade and start measuring from 10 centimeters or 1 inch. Once done, simply add that value to your final measurement.

Keep It Flat

When laying out your measurements, keep the tape markings flat against the object that you’re measuring. Since the blade is generally curved, which can lead to misreadings, gently pressing it flat or slightly tilting it to one side will increase the accuracy of your measurements.

Inside Corners or Long Distances

Getting your measuring tape into a corner can be difficult. Instead of twisting the tape to fit or guessing the length, take two inside measures. Make a mark on the center of the object and measure from there to one side, then the other. Combine the two for a precise corner-to-corner readout.

Advantages Of Tape Measures

Tape measures are versatile – they’ll be helpful in a variety of situations. You can use them for both commercial and residential situations. A tape measure will help you get the job done regardless of whether you’re looking for trusses on the roof or hanging a picture in your room.

They’re simple to use. A tape measure is a compact and easy-to-handle tool that you can carry around in your pocket and use to measure around corners and curves.

Lastly, they’re durable. It’s solid and long-lasting so you can use it for both simple and complex jobs. The best part? You don’t even need batteries or other sources of electricity.

Final Verdict

All and all, you cannot deny how essential having tape measures at your fingertips is when it comes to tackling any home-improvement task.Working with Kutir tape measures that have exceptional features makes your work less hectic.

The product does not only help you obtain accurate measurements but its durability and magnetic hook speed up your work without seeking any external help.

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