MulWark Digital Tape Measure Review (LCD Display)
MulWark Digital Tape Measure Review


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In this day and age, everything has become digital – including tape measures.

Although traditional measuring tapes are accurate, these new digital versions provide you with precise, easy-to-read results. This feature makes it more efficient for everyone, especially those who have less-than-perfect vision. In addition, digital measuring tapes include a handful of other unique and useful features. Let’s take a look into one of the highest rated tools on the market today – the MulWark Digital LCD Display tape measure.

About – MulWark Digital Tape Measure

When digital technology was brought into the tool industry, it brought new meaning to the term ‘high performance’. This tool has an LCD digital display with a backlight feature, making it readable at any time of day, in any location. In addition, MulWark Tools claim this piece of equipment can survive a 100 ft drop onto solid concrete. If that isn’t durability at it’s finest, I don’t know what is. That said, this tool is perfect for those who work in construction, contracting, or anyone who appreciates top quality products.

Another major plus this measuring tape offers is the ability to withstand a full 92 ft. of standout. The end hook on this tool is diamond coated, with a two-sided blade that has both water-resistant and anti-rust quality.

MulWark features a flexible and retractable design for maximum efficiency. You can use this tape measure both horizontally and vertically in long periods of time without fearing it collapsing.

In addition to these features, the MulWark tape measure has an all-weather and anti-rust casing for increased protection. Its nylon embossing coating provides the blade with additional strength and durability.

This model also features a saved memory function, allowing users to store measurements taken within the device’s internal memory. You can forget (literally) having to write down each and every measurement you take, now that you’ll have full access to these via the LCD display screen.

Package Includes

  • Digital Tape Measure x1
  • Lithium Metal Battery x1
  • User Manual

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Product Benefits

This unit is composed of high-quality materials that provide precise measurements no matter where you use them. This device resembles the analog tape measures with no collapsing or snapping and a digital display, ensuring accurate measurement in all scenarios.

Now, we all know that tape measuring tools generally provide both metric and standard units. Well, this MulWark Digital Tape Measure takes this simple feature a step further – by providing inch, centimeter, and feet unit conversion; measuring just got a whole lot more efficient with this tool.

As if that weren’t enough to entice you, the battery life on this LCD display measuring tape just might do the trick. Rest assured, knowing that this digital tape measure will never fail you, due to the fact that it incorporates the use of a ‘coin battery’, which powers the tool for well over 80 hours of continued use. Yes, you heard that right. Simply another reason why this MulWark Digital tape measure is one of the top best sellers on Amazon.

When the MulWark Digital Tape Measure is purchased on Amazon, it will come along with a CR2450 Lithium metal battery, which should last for decades. That said, if needed, the battery is incredibly easy to replace and can also be purchased on Amazon. The User Manual for this tape measure is detailed, and will answer any of the questions you may have regarding how to use the device.

MulWark Digital Measure


  • Precise and accurate measurements displayed on an LCD screen
  • Compact and durable design
  • Measurements display in both Standard and Metric units, including conversions
  • High powered Lithium Battery included
  • This unit has a built-in memory, which holds all previous measurements and analysis
  • Addition and subtraction features
  • Large, back-lit screen is easy to read
  • This tool is waterproof and can withstand just about any weather conditions


  • Some buyers didn’t agree with the cost

What Other Say

With all of these benefits, many users report being happy with their purchase, stating this digital tape measure is “well worth the money”. It’s a great investment, and it can be found on Amazon through many sellers at a reasonable price.

Using A Laser Tape Measure

Laser tape measures work by emitting laser light pulses. The light reflects off a solid surface and measures distance by determining the time it takes for the reflection to return to the instrument. An internal processor calculates the distance depending on the time for the reflection to return.

Here’s how to use a laser distance measure:

  • Firmly press the tool against your chosen starting point and make sure it’s stable
  • Turn on the laser distance meter and point it in the direction you want to measure
  • Ensure the laser is visible and not aimed at reflective surfaces
  • Press the “measure” button and stay steady until the measurement is displayed

Using a laser distance measure is pretty similar to using a metal tape one to take measurements.The main difference is that the laser is pointed across the space while a metal tape measure is stretched from point A to B.

Laser distance measuring devices really come through when you want to measure something that isn’t so easy to access such as the inside of a window frame or the distance from the floor to ceiling.

With laser distance measuring tools, you can also merge two lengths that were not calculated in the same spot thanks to their addition and subtraction features.

Some laser distance measure tapes also feature automatic area or volume calculation options. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to enable the calculation modes if your device comes with these features.

Buying Advice

This tool can also be found at many local and chain retail stores, however, it’s more expensive on average when purchased at a brick-and-mortar shop. If you are in a rush to receive it, don’t forget that Amazon does offer free 2-day shipping (and yes, that includes weekends).

So, if you’re in the market for a digital tape measure, read on to hear about some of the pros and cons of the MulWark Digital Tape Measure.

MulWark Digital Tape Measure

Final Verdict

The MulWark Digital Tape Measure made our list of top tools, due to the fact that it is inexpensive and versatile. It gets the job done accurately and will save any handyman time on their projects. The verdict? If you’re in the market for a new tape measure, consider trying the MulWark Digital Measure for precise readings and a bright LCD screen.

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